WATERS RIFLEMAN is a brand of shooter products designed by David Waters, conceived and designed after around 40 years of shooting experience, and with qualifications in trade and engineering to produce top of the line shooting equipment solutions.

   - Magazines - Tikka T3 (std), Lithgow LA102, HOWA, Weatherby AI (others coming soon).
   - Floor plates / bottom metal and trigger guards - Tikka T3 (std), HOWA, Weatherby.
   - Sight rails - Tikka, or any flat top receiver. 20 and 60 MOA.
   - Tube stock chassis for Tikka T3.  The ultimate all positon stock.
   - Muzzle brakes - no just a threaded piece of steel with holes in it.  Engineered to a science to get the most out of a brake.

My aim is to design the most practical and precise shooting equipment for the most fastidious, competitive and elite shooter that offers an easy and instant solution.  The products will be robust, enduring and reliable based on innovation and tried and proven precedence. Using my products removes an unknown from your shooting equation.  If you are a hard core shooter, then don’t settle for second best.  WR products are the answer.

My products are made with care, consideration and end-use experience, second to none.  Conformance is out the window.  Performance is the only goal.  Tolerances exceed industry and most aftermarket standards.

Guarantee of product:
- Waters Rifleman products include a five year warranty from defects in materials or workmanship from time of purchase (with proof of purchase).
 - We will repair or replace any WR product part that is supplied with sub-standard craftsmanship, unless notified and agreed as a "Second" in advance.
 - No refunds or warranty is given for external damage, abuse, misuse or lack of care.
 - Be sure to check the magazine on arrival before using it and advise immediately any issues.